Is professional calibration of your Plasma worth it.


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Aug 10, 2019
I have recently purchased the Panasonic 50" to view my Blu Ray movies and i have to say it looks fantastic. I am planning to upgrade my Yamaha amp to the Onkyo 805 in the new year. I was wondering if its worth my while to employ a technican to calibrate the tv and will it be worth it?

Thanks in advance for the advice.


You can do it yourself with the help of any THX certified DVD, as they all have, I think in the special features section, a series of tests with simple instructions that tell you how to use an onscreen image to set the different settings such as contrast, brightness, colour, etc. One example is a testscreen with 8 borderless boxes that are all different shades of white; you are instructed to increase the contrast until you can't differentiate between the boxes, and then lower the contrast until you can just see that all the boxes are different shades. I don't know how advanced and technological the settings on your tv go, whether there are just simple contrast, colour, sharpness, etc. or if there are luminance and individual settings for red, green, blue, etc. If they are fairly simple then I would just do it yourself. If there are more advanced settings it could be well worth the £200 or so that it will cost to have a technician round. I would recommend you get someone who is ISF trained. The top spec Pioneer Kuros actually have a port which can be used by an ISF trained engineer to adjust th tv to perfectly suit the environment it is in.


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