Is a speaker upgrade in order?


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Mar 31, 2008
You'll see from my sig that my Mordaunt Short MS902i speakers are the cheapest item in my set-up. When I bought them four years or so ago, the rest of my kit was super-budget (Cambridge A5 amp, ancient Marantz CD42 CDP), so the MS902i fitted in price-wise. I've now replaced the other items with better kit and am wondering if the 902i is now a weak link. I like the look of the new Monitor Audio BX2, which has just received a 5-star WHF review. It would appear to be a good partner to my NAD amp, being high-sensitivity and front-ported, which would hopefully help with the excessive bass the NAD can produce when the speakers are close to a rear wall, as mine have to be. Also at £250, the BX2 is within budget – I wouldn't want to spend more than that. So my questions are: would my system benefit from a speaker upgrade, and if so, would the BX2 be a good choice?


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May 4, 2008
The system would benefit from a speaker upgrade and i think the BX2 would be an increase of sonic ability over 902i. I would though seriously consider the B & W 685, i know they are an extra £100 but they would be a serious upgrade which really make your system come alive. They are also front ported with a sensitivity of 88 and the NAD wont have any problems driving those. Its a matter for the wallet but the B & W will show the system in its full glory.


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Feb 22, 2010
I think the 685s are great for the money. Well balanced performance. If you had to look for a fault, I find mine get boomy when close to the wall, although I probably have other room acoustic and placement issues accentuating that.

If you think you are going to have issues such as limitations about placement, etc. it might be best to try and get a home audition.



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