Ipod dock to Amp


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Aug 10, 2019
I have just bought an Onkyo TX-SR608 amp and also want to use my ipod touch and iphone 4 to play music.

I have tried a couple of docks so far , but I am getting very frustrated with how poor they are:

Onkyo DS-A1 - Music quality ok, but the On screen display is extremely slow to respond if you have a lot of music. You can only scroll down the list of Artists or Albums, I gave up after 1 minute when I had not got past Artists starting with an A!!

Onkyo NS-D1 - Digital input gave alot better music quality and was faster to navigate, only thing is you have to navigate blind as there is no OSD, hopeless!! I cannot believe this is not a standard requirement for any dock, especially for £150.

I am after a useable solution to be able to play my ipod/iphone music thorugh the amp and have a good user interface, surely there must be a dock out there that can provide this??? Is there any dock which enables you to skip to a letter from the Artist or Album list?


Ideally I would like to go directly into the Amp to get the best quality.My partner also has an iphone so looking for an easy method to play the music from either device. Am I asking too much to find a dock that can do this?

Thanks for your suggestions, I will have to look into them to see how practical they are .


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