ipod classic docking system/speakers


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Aug 10, 2019

I have an ipod classic, and am moving to a new house where my ancient technics system is going to be relegated to the outbuilding. For the main house, I want an ipod docking system with speakers which looks smart and costs up to £300. I like the bose sounddock, and love the look of the fatman itube (which is going on amazon for £250 inc. speaker package). I'd like to be able to use a CD player and a record player with the system (I presume I can't do this with the bose) but I'm not keen on the look of systems like the onkyo cs-515uk. For £250 is the fatman the way to go? Or am I being a fool and sacrificing sound for good looks and should I be buying a hifi system with a separate dock? Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
Yes, the Fatman looks lovely (the speakers aren't great, however), but I don't know how the Fatman's going to stay stylish with lots of other kit plugged into it....

If it were my money, i'd go for a budget amp, dock and speakers that I could add a deck and CD player too - something like Cambridge Audio's 340A SE (fully iPod ready with matching dock) and Mordaunt Short's Avant 902i or Cambridge S30 speakers. Sure Richer Sounds would do you the lot for £300.


Well I'm kind of hoping I can get the vinyl relegated to the outbuilding too in time... (it's not mine) and eventually the CDs so it would mainly be just the ipod. I'm not too keen on the Cambridge Audio amp as it looks a bit clunky. I have also considered the onkyo CBX300 but am not sure how the sound would compare? Thanks for your advice.


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