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Aug 10, 2019
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I currently have a pioneer dv55 home cinema system and i m looking to upgrade it for hdmi upscaling with my new tv, i have seen the new pioneer dcs363 and recently the dcs370 but havent heard either. Has anyone got either of these or know of any reviews on them as i have not had any luck??? thanks.


hi there i have the pioneer dcs370 and im currently trying to get rid of it, its in excellent condition (as in working perfectly and no marks anywhere) - i got it when i got my 50" samsung tv back in jan 08 and ive hardly ever used it, think ive used it less than 10 times? its really easy to set up, all of the cables are colour coded with the speakers (sounds stupid but very useful when you have 6 speakers to connect up!!) and its got a really nice bass.

dont worry its all in perfect working order, if your interested send me an email ( and i can send you pics etc or if you live around the hampshire/berkshire/surrey area then feel free to come and have a look, just send me an email and we can sort something out.

Just saw your post and thought id offer it to you before putting it on ebay



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