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Mar 16, 2009
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Hey Gang

I was wandering around Currys yesterday (or "Currys PC World MEAGASTORE" as it is now known) and tried out an LG 3D passive TV. I was really impressed with it, particularly the lack of cross talk and flicker-free-ness of it (my father in law has a Sony active 3D and it's good, but the flicker is soooo annoying). The only thing that let it down was that the 3D resolution only seemd to be similar to standard def rather than full 1080p (I presume this is due to the passive 3D needing to split the 1920x1080 pixels to each eye). I know Toshiba are bringing out the glasses-free model at double the pixels, but was wondering if LG or anyone else are planning on bringing out a 3840X2160 screen to work with passive 3D specs. Wouldn't this alieviate people like me who want a Full HD picture from a passive 3D set?


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Oct 1, 2008
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I too am impressed with passive 3D. We have the Philips sets in store and the performance is very good. I am surpirsed you mention the drop in resolution though. I will need to test ours more but to me the differences are ver small and well worth the trade off.


I didn't notice that much of a drop in resolution compared to the Panasonic GT30, though the Panasonic did have slightly crisper 3d image quality i felt the LG set was the better overall 3d performer. I'm not sure if i could sit through a full 3d movie on an active set.