humax hd box , no signal , but sky box fine , please help ??


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Aug 10, 2019
hi , ive just bought a humax foxsat box , i screwed in the coaxial cable that was in my old panasonic sky freesat box , but the humax is not picking up a signal from the satellite , the sky box works fine with the same cable , i have tried a factory reset several times to no avail , when going through the set up process it searches endlessly for a sat signal with no luck , any help would be much appreciated , i want to watch the rugby in hd tmw aaarrrggghhh....


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Jul 29, 2007
I have just helped a friend install one of these today.

How many cables have you got running from your dish to the Humax box? The manual says that you should have two. If you only have one, you need to run a short cable from "LMB1 Out" to "LMB2 In."

If you have two cables connected and the Humax still cannot detect a signal, it is probably faulty.

How far did it get through the set up process? Did it detect that a cable was connected? Did it try to identify a signal?


hi , thanks for the reply , i have a standard humax hd box , not the pvr , there is only one coaxial input on it , anyway ive found the problem , the cable from the satellite was joined at some point , i seen this when i unscrewed the plastic wall cover , and apparently the foxsat requires a stronger signal than the sky box to operate fully ( i googled the problem and many people say this ) , signal strenth on the foxsat is around 50 % , i have a friend coming tuesday to sort it , hopefully , so fingers crossed i should be up and running for the champions league on itv hd ......


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