Humax freesat recorder problem


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, I finally got round to getting a multiple LNB fitted to my dish 2 weeks ago, tried recording 2 channels and watching a third one, all went well. Tonight I was recording "above suspicion" on itv HD turned over and was unable to watch channels 102,103,104,105, and a few others including film 4. This was the reason I had the new LNB fitted, does anyone know if this is normal due to recording hd channel or should I be able to view any other channel whilst recording an HD channel. Do I need to call the engineer back out?


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Did you do a factory reset of the Humax before connecting the second feed? If not it wont have detected it and will still be running from a single feed.

You didn't say which 3 channels you were able to watch/record, but the Humax can do that on a single feed if those 3 channels happened to be on the same transponder.

Whereas tonight, the channels you were trying to watch while recording from ITV1 HD may have been on different transponders. This is certainly the case with BBC2, C4 and C5 at least, and depending on which ITV1 HD and SD regions you recieve quite possible with ITV too.


Hi, no I didn't. I will give that a try tomorrow. Will let you know what happens. Thanks


Did the factory reset today and it found both feeds, so it's all working as it should. Thanks for the help.