How to set up your AV receiver and get the best sound


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Aug 24, 2021
Once you've done what the article suggests, get yourself a good soundstage. Put the following video on loop:

Now toe (angle) your speakers in so they are pointing directly at your ears in your no.1 sweet spot. Sit and listen.
Toe your speakers out a few degrees. Sit and listen.
Keep doing this until you get a sharp focus on the audio soundstage. You might go past the best point so toe in/out as needed. Go with equal toe-in and only use different angles if you can't find the stage. -- If you cannot get the stage to focus, the speakers normally want equal toe in/out but room reflections could mean you have to play around with different angles. Sit, close your eyes and listen. If the "centre" sounds to the left, toe the left speaker out a tiny bit and vice versa.
Re-run the amp calibration (because you will have changed the room reflections).

For me, the focus is with a toe out of about 10 degrees. Your speakers might be different. My system was already a seriously good listen but this made a genuine leap forward in audio enjoyment and made me want to listen to a ton of music. Total time spent adjusting was less than 15mins.

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Oct 7, 2021
Hi Arron,
I bought yamaha yht 1840 AVR in india 2 years back. It comes without bluetooth and YPAO (Automatic audio calibration).
There is another version which comes with these features missing in 1840.

Is it possible to add these features(bluetooth, usb and automatic caliberation) in YHT-1840?
I'm providing the links for both AVRs of

Yamaha YHT 1840, Yamaha YHT 3072

Please help.


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Aug 24, 2021
Hi Nick,
I'm probably the wrong person to ask in some senses but...

Bluetooth: think sideways. What do you want to connect? Is there a different way to connect it? E.g. if it's a phone, get an Aux cable to connect it to the amp.
YPAO: don't worry, YPAO isn't much use on the cheaper Yamaha amps. It takes a bit longer but put on some audio with a high dynamic range that you know well (I often use Pink Floyd - Time) and use your ears. Don't bother trying to make it "right", concentrate on making it right for you.
USB: again, it depends what you're trying to connect. Would a lot of what you want be fixed by getting a "smart" Blu-Ray player or a streaming device? E.g. if you want to watch movies off a USB stick, maybe you can stream them from your PC to the player or streaming device using Plex. (Plex is awesome and free.)

Hope this helps,



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