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How To 

How to Set Up Speech Synthesizers in a Recording Unit


Machines that can talk and listen to you are no longer fictional. Speech synthesizers connected to a recording unit such as a laptop or a phone can convert your text to speech and record it for later use. With most operating systems having their own version of a text-to-speech program, speech synthesis in a recording unit is a matter of minutes. This tutorial will walk you through the steps required to set up speech synthesizers in a recording unit.

Step 1
Download text-to-speech app/software

Download and install a text-to-speech app/software on your recording unit. Make sure your device has the text-to-speech engine. This will enable the text-to-speech conversion as well as recording.


Step 2
Explore the parameters of text-to-speech conversion

The software or app will provide you with options to change the speed, pitch and volume of the speech synthesized from your text. You can also select the language and accent in which you wish to synthesize your speech. Explore these options to decide on what voice you want to record.


Step 3
Type and synthesize speech

Type what you want to record and press the ‘Play’ button to listen to the synthesized speech. This is the speech that would be recorded by the software.


Step 4
Record the speech

Once you are satisfied with the speech, save/record it through the options provided in the software or the app. Your have successfully set up a speech synthesizer in your recording unit.


Listen to the synthesized speech later or share it with your friends!