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How to set up a tripod for a microphone


If you use a microphone for any recording purpose you must have faced difficulty while holding it with your hands. The solution to this is quite simple, use a stand for the microphone. The modern tripod stands available for microphones are really handy and can position the microphone in various angles. But, at times it can be difficult to set up such a stand. So, here are steps that will help you set up a tripod stand for your microphone.

Step 1
Take out the various parts.

Open the packaging of the tripod stand carefully and take out the various parts. There should be two different parts to the microphone stand, one with the tripod attached at the bottom and another with the microphone holder.


Step 2
Set up the bottom half.

With one hand firmly grip the tripod part of the stand and with the other hand pull up the rod that is protruding out of it. Pull it till it has come out completely and ensure that the entire arrangement is tight.


Step 3
Set up the stand.

There will be a small knob right above the tripod legs, loosed it. Now hold each leg of the tripod and straighten them towards the outside. Once done, tighten the knob again.


Step 4
Set up the upper half.

Loosen the protruding knob at the center of the upper piece and you will be able to insert the opening in a horizontal position onto the top section of the lower half of the stand. Once you have inserted it, tighten the knob on top of the bottom half of the stand. Your stand should now look like a T structure.


Now simply hold the bottom part of the upper half of the stand and pull it towards the bottom. This will straighten the stand and make it ready for use.



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