How to set up a multi-room sound system


The multi-room sound system is the best way to play and enjoy music in large spaces such as offices. Setting up a perfect multi-room sound system requires well planning and some efforts. Lucky for you, the basic connections are very easy to make. Here is how you can set up an ideal multi-room sound system.

Step 1
Choose your speakers

Depending on the requirements, decide what type of speakers are you willing to buy. Take into consideration the number of units of speakers you require and the budget.


Step 2
Decide speaker placement

Before you progress to install speakers and connect them, decide the proper positions for all the speakers.


Step 3
Install and connect speakers

Install the speakers at their respective positions and wire them. The new speakers also have a Bluetooth feature and can be connected to the source with requiring wiring.


Step 4
Set up Google Home App

All of your speakers in a multi-room sound system are maintained by Google Home App. Here is how to set up your google home all for the system.

[*]Install the app on your device, open it and click on device icon on the top right of the screen.


[*]Select chrome cast audio and connect it to the wifi to set it up.


Step 5
Create a group

You need to create a group to play music on all the devices included in the group. Here is how you can do this.

[*] Tap devices on the top right of the screen and tap create a group under receiver option.


[*]Name the group and add at least two devices to the group.

[*] Tap save to complete the set-up and save the group.


Step 6
Cast music to speakers

To play music to the speakers, play a song and find your music group in available devices.


Bravo! You’re all set to rock all those speakers simultaneously with your new multi-room sound system.


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