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How To 

How to Set Up a Home Audio Recording Unit


Ever thought of graduating from being a bathroom singer to a professional one? A home audio recording unit will take you a step closer to your dream. Record, arrange and mix your audio clips and songs using an audio recording unit at your home. This tutorial will walk you through the steps required to set up a home audio recording unit.

Step 1
Plug in your microphone

Connect your microphone to an audio interface or mixer. This interface converts the real sound to digital sound. Your microphone is now ready to record your voice.


Step 2
Connect the audio interface to your computer

Connect the audio interface to your computer using a USB cable. The audio interface or mixer can take inputs from multiple channels (such as your own voice or different musical instruments) at the same time and lets you adjust settings such as volumes for each of the channels. Your audio recording unit is now set up.


Step 3
Record and mix your audio recordings

Turn on all the components of your home audio recording unit and record your songs or music. Use a digital audio workstation software installed on your computer to record, arrange, mix and master your recordings. Your recordings are now ready to be heard and shared.


Step 4
Connect speakers to your computer

Plug in your speakers or headphones to the computer. This will let you play your recordings on the speaker or headphones and listen to them the way others would.


Record your voice professionally, right at home!



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