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How To 

How to Install Speakers for a Car’s Music System


If your car’s factory audio system is not loud enough for your taste, why not install your own speakers? Get your tools ready and have fun assembling new speakers for your car. This tutorial will walk you through the steps required to install speakers for a car’s music system.

Step 1
Select the right speakers for your car

Check the speaker size for the front and rear of your car’s model before purchasing the speakers. This will save you a lot of time and expenses.


Step 2
Disconnect the battery

Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery in the car’s hood. This is crucial to protect yourself and the car from electrical damage.


Step 3
Remove panels and grilles covering the speakers

Take off any panels or grillers that may be covering the speakers in your car using appropriate tools. Seat cushions and other attachments may also need to be removed depending on the make of your car. This is important to gain access to the speaker installation areas.

Step 4
Connect the speakers

In the speaker installation areas, connect the wiring of your speakers to the wiring in the car while being mindful of the polarity of the wires. The speakers are now connected to the car.


Step 5
Test the connections

Turn on the battery and test your speaker connections before closing all the installation areas. This will save time later in case the electrical connections were incorrect the first time.

Step 6
Put the panels and grilles back

If the connections are right, reinstall all the panels and grilles over the speakers and any other part that had to be detached for the installation. The speakers are now securely installed.


Take a long drive and enjoy the newfound sound of your car’s music system!