How to get the best sound quality from new TV


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm trying to wrap my head around how to get the best possible sound quality from TV. The gear I have (will have in some cases) is:

New stuff:

BT Vision+ V-box
Panasonic blueray player
Panasonic TX-P46GT30B television

Old stuff:

Linn Sondek LP/Ittok/Goldring G1040
Linn Pretek pre-amplifier
Linn LK280 amplifier
Linn Karik II CD player
EPOS ES14 loudspeakers

I am buying the TV some time this week, along with a blueray player. I've had the Linn/EPOS hifi gear since the early 1990's. I want to connect the V-box, blueray player and television to the Linn Pretek pre-amp to get the best possible sound quality from transmitted TV, from "On demand" stuff from the V-box and from playing blueray & DVD disks.

Obviously (is it?), I'll be feeding the TV with HDMI cables from the V-box and blueray player. I assume that running long (maybe 8 metres) RCA phono leads for audio from the sources to the Pretek isn't a great idea. I *could* run optical/toslink cables from the blueray player, from the v-box and from the TV to a DAC and then feed an analogue signal into the Linn Pretek but to do that, I'd need at least one optical switch as the DAC (which I have yet to buy) will not have three optical inputs - doesn't strike me as a great idea either. Alternatively, I could just run an optical/toslink cable from the Panasonic TV to the DAC - but I worry about whether the digital audio optical output from the TV will be identical to that which it receives via the HDMIs from the blueray and v-box. As a rule, with audio stuff the most direct route with fewest connections and bits of gear in the way seems to work best. Putting the TV in along the route from blueray/vbox to the DAC when it doesn't need to be doesn't feel like a great idea either.

So .... I can think of several ways to connect the sources to a DAC .... but none of them seem ideal. Has anyone any thoughts about the best way to do this?



I suppose the question really is ........... will running audio down a HDMI to a TV and from the TV's optical output to a DAC degrade the sound compared with running an optical cable direct from a blue-ray player to the DAC?



.... and will using the optical output via an external DAC be better, worse or no different than using a RCA phono lead to connect the blueray directly to the pre-amp?



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