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How to Connect a Soundbar to the TV


A sleek TV size is often accompanied by poor speaker quality. A soundbar connected to your TV can improve your sound experience exponentially. This tutorial will walk you through the steps required to connect a soundbar to the TV.

Step 1
Plug in the power cables of your TV and soundbar

Connect the TV and the soundbar to power sources. This will enable the interfacing of the two devices.


Step 2
Connect your HDMI cable to the TV and the soundbar

Connect an HDMI cable to the audio return channel (ARC) ports at the back of your TV and your soundbar. This cable will connect the soundbar to your TV.


Step 3
Connect any external media devices

Connect any other components such as your DVD or Blu-ray players to either the TV or the soundbar through an HDMI cable as well. Since the soundbar and the TV can transmit sound to each other through the ARC cable, this setup will ensure that any media device connected to your TV also sends audio through your soundbar.


Step 4
Navigate through the device connection options on your TV

Use the device connection menu under your TV settings and select soundbar from the available devices. Your TV is now ready to transmit sound to your soundbar.


Step 5
Turn on the TV and the soundbar

Turn on the TV and the soundbar and set the volume using your TV or soundbar remote. The soundbar is now connected to your TV.


Witness your TV’s sound go from mediocre to majestic!


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