How to add a streamer to your hi-fi system

James Robinson

Well-known member
Feb 6, 2020
I would recommend a Raspberry pi + Volumio software for a much cheaper alternative.

If you already have a separate DAC with a USB port, you can add a streamer to your system by installing the (free) volumio software on a raspberry pi. Even with power supply, SD card, and a case, this will be around £50. You can then control the volumio software from a web browser or via the (free) volumio app on a smart phone/tablet.

There are cards you can add (which require slightly larger cases) that will do the digital to analogue conversion or provide coaxial/optical connections.

Next to no expertise is required for this. Instructions on how to set this up are on the volumio website and it will probably take you longer to order the raspberry pi, SD card, and find a case to your taste than to get this working.



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