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Aug 10, 2019
Hi guys. I guess this is a slightly standard opening topic, but I've read a few others on here and would definitely like advice directed at me! I've never had my own HiFi system before, I've always just had my PC linked to my TV and used that, and have a very decent set of headphones for clarity when I need it, but now the time has come to get a proper system as I'm in my own flat.

I have spent the past few hours rapidly going through different systems, starting at iPod docks like the Fatman ValveDock and progressing through to amp & speakers, like the Wharfedale Diamond 9.1s. Then I read a topic about the Diamonds being no good for bass music, so thought I would give in and ask for assistance!

I listen to all genres of music, from Johnny Cash to Modeselektor, though primarily it would be the latter, Techno, Dubstep (post dub, future garage etc, not that tired commercial poop) and bass music so that is a major factor.

As I previously stated, I would be playing the music either through my PC (although I gave my M-Audio sound card to someone I won't see again, is that a problem? Think I have an inbuilt Realtec card in this tower, currently use HDMI for sound to my TV) or through an iPod. So I guess I could plug in to an amp, then on to the speakers and control like that (side question; if I wanted it set up away from my PC is there wireless options without costing extra hundreds?). I'm not interested in CD/radio, unless it comes with no added expense!

I don't have a large budget but am willing to build it up over time. Doesn't need to be the greatest system in the world by any means, but I am fairly fussy when it comes to sound quality so don't want it cheap. Hopefully the Diamond 9.1s show the kind of level I am aiming at (if not a touch higher seeing as they seem to be the best rated budget gear), even if they won't be suitable for my musical taste.

If anyone could help me out I would be greatly appreciate, I feel as though I am drowning in a sea of tech information!


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May 28, 2008
Well the first system I was recommended when I joined WHF was PM6002 and Wharfedale 9.1s. Nice little system, which I then expanded by adding a DAC.

I don't know how far things have moved along in those 2 short years but the system still serves me well...

For getting music out of the PC, a DAC is a really good idea. Some accept USB from the PC, making them very versatile. Again, I'm not that up to scratch on which DACs have which inputs but I'm someone else will come along to drop some names.