Home cinema system minus TV


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm looking to upgrade our audio system and move into home cinema at the same time. The system would live in a small room in a small house so a large collection of kit plus a big screen are out, I'm currently looking at single box solutions. The Arcam Solo Movie is on the list and I like the look of Cyrus's AV offerings, especially for the upgrade paths. FM radio and probably DAB are a must have. Speakers aren't too difficult to audition but the real problem is the screen. I'm looking for an LCD around the 30-40" mark.

The thing is, we don't want a TV tuner. We haven't bothered with a TV for over 8 years and when we do see it we don't feel the loss. I would begrudge shelling out £140 pa for something we don't want especially when you consider the sort of accessories and upgrades that would buy over the lifetime of a home cinema system.

So the question is: What suitable LCD monitors are available, or are there tuner-less versions of any of the What Hi-Fi award winning LCD TVs?


Unless I am mistaken as to what you want to achieve, you do know that you can use a TV without a licence? As long as the TV isn't tuned into a station, then you are free to use it as you wish.


This is the nearest statement I can find on the TVLA website:

"What if I only use a TV to watch videos/DVDs/as a monitor for my games console? Do I still need a licence?

You do not need a TV Licence if you only use your TV to watch videos and DVDs or as a monitor for your games console.

However, please notify us in writing that this is the case. One of our Enforcement Officers may visit you to confirm that you do not need a licence.

Please write to us including your name, address and the reason you believe that you don't need a licence at:

TV Licensing
BS98 1TL."

I'd be happier without the grief, though I suppose pointing out there is no TV aerial would shut them up. We used to get lots of their threatening letters but they've given up now.


You are NOT required to tell them anything. The shop will inform them and you will start getting letters, throw them in the bin and tell any "inspectors" to go forth and multiply. Personally I'd do it just to wind them up, my mate takes great pleasure in telling them where to go.