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Aug 10, 2019
Hello WHF Community,

First time poster and need some advice. Currently looking to spend £2k on refreshing my disc player and av reciever after 3 years. Currently have a Denon 4306 and just sold my beloved Denon DVD 3930. (Have a pioneer PDP 50XDE and monitor audio in wall silvers with a velodyne sub). Sky HD Box

Test drove the new DBP 2010 (impressed) and looking at an AVR 3310 but a bit put off by the 4 stars in the WHF review but test drove it as well paired with the 2010 and it is very impressive (the new menu system is excellent as well). Happy to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality to an extent and willing to look beyond Denon.

The award winning Sony (STR-DA5400ES) is just outside my price range but the don't have ethernet or streaming.

So What I am looking for is a Blu Ray/reciever combo that gives me:

Blu ray - max resolution avaialble and upgrade path via ethernet and software (with a direct audio feature for audio) including profile 2.0 and HDMI 1.3a supported.

Reciever - 7.1, as many surround formats as possible, media streaming (support for itunes), ethernet (or wifi - including optional upgrade via a dock or option). Internet radio and or DAB (DAB not a must). Neat widgets like the dynamic EQ feature from Denon would be a bonus. No additional zones to support. Remote to run both units (a nice to have).

Movies and TV a priority, music comes a close second.

There are so many combo's avaiable that all run close I'm spoiled for choice!

Thanks in advance.



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