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Feb 22, 2022
unsure whether this has been discussed before , i suspect it has, but thought it would be interesting to discuss our respective main hifi journeys, from first systems to memorable ones, disposals we have regretted . systems that we have funded ourselves rather than inherited units, or paid for by parents etc

my first system - Bose wave music system , Onkyo cs515 mini cd receiver plus monito audio BR2 -2005/6
second system - Arcam Solo Movie, Meridian F80, B&W 685s - 2008
third system - Meridian G95, B&W 805S, Meridian Sooloos streaming (MC200, MS200) - 2012
fourth system - Meridian 808v6, Meridian 7200SEs, Rega RP10, Nakamichi Dragon - 2014
fifth system - Stenheim Alumine 3, CH Precision A1.5, Nagra HD DAC, Aurender N20 streamer -2021/22
Regretful sales - Nak Dragon, B&W 805S
Memorable moments - first time I heard the Meridian F80
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Aug 6, 2011
Hi MrSinghsStereo :)

My Hifi journey started with:
First system : Roksan Kandy K2 amp, Musical Fidelity M1 DAC and Mordant and Short Mezzo 6 speakers.
Second system : In the sig - Roksan Caspian M2 amp, Roksan K3 DAC, Dynaudio Emit M30 Speakers and Dynaudio Sub 3 Subwoofer.

Regretful sales : Dynaudio Emit M20 speakers.

Memorable moments : The Roksan Capsian M2 amp, after getting the IEC fuse and mains cables right (A Bussmann 3.15 amp mini fuse and Qinopu mains cable with a Bussmann 5 amp fuse).
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Jan 21, 2022
An AIWA "something" in the 80's
A Kenwood UD7 system early 90's
Marantz: PM/CD6004 / MA BX2/BX5 / Project DC Carbon - early 10's
Marantz: PM/CD KI Pearl Lite / TT15S1 / Pioneer PLX1000 / MA BX5/RX2 / PMC DB1 - mid-10's
Marantz: PM/CD KI Ruby / TT15S1 / PMC DB1 / Harbeth P3 - 2020-on

Regrets - none!
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Feb 18, 2022
My hi-fi journey is far too complex to go into too much detail, as some of the longstanding forum members know, but by way of highlights/milestones...

First system: Pioneer PL12D, Amstrad amp, Wharfedale Chevin
Second system: Pioneer PL12D, Amstrad tuner, Sharp RT-100 cassette deck, Sansui AU2200 amp, Solavox speakers
Third system: Sansui P-D15, Sony CDP-110, Fisher tuner, Fisher cassette deck, Fisher CA67 amplifier, Mordaunt-Short MS15 speakers

(By this point I was about 12)

Since then I've been through all manner of kit including Rotel, Cambridge Audio, Arcam, Quad, Roksan, Harman-Kardon, Rega, Project, Dual, Thorens, Dynaudio, Triangle, Denon, Focal, Naim, Q Acoustics, Mission, Mordaunt-Short, Wharfedale,
Roksan, Marantz, Sony, Philips, Pioneer, Michell, Klipsch, Exposure, Creek... You get the idea!

I've currently got the system in my signature below and I'm enjoying it a lot, but I do still have a few other pieces of kit for those itchy feet moments.

plastic penguin

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First proper system: JVC R-S5L receiver; Hitachi D230 cassette player; Solavox PR 25 MK2 speakers; Garrard B20 turntable

Second: Pioneer SA 706 amplifier; Marantz 2060 ML FM tuner; JVC cassette deck; Wharfedale Linton XP2; Garrard SP25 MK5.

Third: As above but Wharfedale E20 speakers

Forth: Arcam Alpha 7R amplifier; Rotel RCD 975. Otherwise as above

Fifth: As above but amp changed to Arcam A65 Plus

Sixth: Leema Pulse; Marantz 2060 ML; Monitor Audio RS6; Arcam CD73T & Pro-ject Xpression 1 turntable (the three, RS6s CDP & table originally with Arcam)

Current system in my sig. Have purchased other components (Electrocompaniet PC-1, Naim CD 5i). The Marantz tuner, RS6 and Wharfedale E20 still have in the attic, all in perfect working order.
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Aug 12, 2021
Pioneer SA608 (amp) Kef Celeste III (speakers) and a Sharp GF9090 (portable cassette) (1980)
Added an ADC 1700 (turntable) (1981)
Akai linear tracking turntable, Onkyo 7070 amp, (1983)
Dual CS505-II, (probably 1984)
Technics SU-A6 pre-amp, Nikka Alpha 440 power amp, Jamo Power 250R speakers.
Added Realistic Mach 2 speakers (loved them)
New amp Technics SU-A900-II amp (I still have it) (1998 approx)
Changed to Systemdek IIx, and Mission 775 speakers (for my jazz)
Latest system (2 1/2 years) as my signature.
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May 30, 2015
Too many to list, but the current setup is pretty much bang on. Started off with a Sanyo Music Centre in the late 70s, then some Fisher / Sony / Pioneer separates in the early 80s. Mission / Arcam / Marantz in the early 90s and the last 15 years has been a revolving door of gear as the hobby's progressed. Miss the Sansui AU-717 amp (but it was knackered and uneconomical to repair fully) and the AU-217 was the real star, but no pre-outs, so it's gone as well. As a hobby, it's been a delight though, not least in discovering that you don't need to spend thousands on one item to get really great audio.


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Mar 26, 2021
It started with the B&W DM7 Mark 2, Thorens turntable and A Quad 303 amp, 33 pre-amp and fm3 tuner ecosystem my dad owned.

I took over his Quad system so the list continues from there, most of it is sold along the way:

Tannoy Mercury M1 speakers
Magnat Motion sub 25a
B&W DM602 /s3 speakers
Harman Kardon hk3270 amp / tuner
Roland "forgot about the type" active monitors
Wharfedale Evo 4.2 speakers (currently in use)
Yamaha Wxa-50 amp/streamer (currently in use)
B&W Asw608 sub (currently in use)
Denon Pma720 amp
Madison Mad4bs Speakers (lent out)
Wharfedale Diamond 12.0 speakers (lent out)
Wharfedale Diamond 11. 2 speakers (currently in use)
Arylic A50+ amp/streamer (currently in use)
Polk Psw10 sub (currently in use)

I have used a couple of active monitor systems for music production. I only have included 1 in the list because I also used it at home for hifi.

Had some pairs of Headphones ranging from Sennheiser to Fresh N Rebel to my current Grado.

Owned a couple of Boom boxes, the Harman Kardon system is one worth mentioning.

Also own a couple of bluetooth speakers.
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