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May 7, 2021
Greetings everyone, I am new to not only this forum, but HiFi in general. I'm hoping to find good advice on how to set up our apartment with appropriate HiFi to meet our needs. The days of listening to loud music via open speakers are now gone. I'm more interested in clarity, fidelity, especially as my ears are going the usual way of 57 year olds. I'll be looking for a solution to meet needs including:
- being able to hear TV audio, especially the human speech, without the music being overbearing and too loud
- appreciating high resolution streamed music via speakers but without it being too loud, or via in-ear monitors that I can lie on my side with
- converting my CD collection to the right format so it can be streamed without further loss
- identifying small but quality speakers that might be wired or wireless and blend in with the surrounds without taking up much room
- how to get the best out of Radio Paradise and its ability to cache music in high quality formats such as ALAC.

All the best to everyone in this forum, especially in these trying times in which a Perth-dweller has little experience of the issues faced by many other countries this past year or so.



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