Hi-Fi Upgrade: Please help!!!


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Nov 6, 2008

I hope you can help me in the right direction! Afraid this
one is a bit long!


Currently I have a micro system (Denon M37DAB), in
fact I liked it so much I got one in the bedroom too!) The living room one is
paired with Jamo E550 Floorstanders. I currently play digital music
through the Denon IPod ASD-51W dock.

I am looking to upgrade. Minimum requirements: DAB/CD/Music
Streaming+Airplay. Budget can be stretched to £1500

I mainly listen to Rock/Metal but like a good variety so
also listen to Acoustic/Vocal/Classical crossover.

Regardless of what system I end up I will use a NAS (QNAP
TS-269L) from which I will use ITunes Server to stream.(The NAS device supports
DLNA too)


I Like the Denon I have so was toying with upgrading to
another Denon System:

Either D-F109
system (DAB/CD/Streamer

720AE system (DAB/CD/Streamer) ?

although haven’t seen any reviews on the DF-109 yet, neither have I listened to any of these two.

Not sure if I should replace my speakers? (Not listened to
any other speakers to compare current setup but appreciate my current ones are
budget speakers)

Alternatively :

Separates System? Pointers here Appreciated!

All in one like the Naim
UnityLite ? (Superior option but would leave no budget for Speakers?)

Or Sonos Bridge, Connect
and Play 3/5?

Am open to suggestions and would appreciate any help and
advice you could give! (Appreciate Auditioning the shortlist is a must)

Thanks in advance



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Nov 23, 2007
I've got a Denon PMA720AE and I also have a DM39DAB and I've tried both with the same speakers in the same room. The DM39DAB is a great little unit and in isolation very fulfilling to listen to. However, each time I switch back to the PMA720AE there are huge improvements in dynamics, resolution, and the feeling that the speakers are really being gripped. The 720 is a great amplifier and I would heartily recommend it if you like the Denon sound.

I've also heard the DCD720AE (with the amp) and that is also excellent.

For a streamer, however, I would go for the Pioneer N30 or N50 as these can handle gapless playback, which the Denon one can't.


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Nov 6, 2008
Thanks for you valuable input Matthewpiano, much appreciated.

Gapless Streaming is something I defo would want. WIll have a listen to the PMA720AE Amp tho!

Any one else got any thoughts to help me out? especially around seperates or not?


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