Question Hi, does the new SONOS "Ray" work with the S1 APP?


Jun 9, 2022
Hi, does the new SONOS "Ray" work with the S1 APP?

I am operating on all Gen 1 products and therefore only use the S1 App. thanks
Redundancy by software strikes again... ?
Not really. The S1 app can still be used with older speakers. You just cannot integrate with newer speakers for multiroom. As I explained previously, the importance of multiroom (and why Sonos is the best in business) is the ability for the music to follow you as you move from one room to another, or employing multiple speakers for the same music.

Sonos was resistant to adopt hi res music support, and the same people started criticising Sonos for it while competitors like Bluesound came into being. Sales started dropping, and Sonos had to offer support for hi res music. However, this required a hardware modification so it was impossible to make older speakers play hi res music. Supporting all the speakers (old and new) in the same app would have broken Sonos' USP: seamless multiroom integration. How can it ever have a situation where the same song can be played on some speakers and not others?

Which company has supported its wireless software based players for as long as Sonos did? Does anyone still own Windows Vista computers? You can still play their 2008 speakers, except with the older app. And you cannot compare it with traditional speakers. They are totally different products with different uses.

Sonos are also offering discounts for people wanting to upgrade their speakers to new. I wouldn't criticise Sonos at all. They have gone above and beyond in supporting their products and looking after its customers.
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If they've seen your posts, they should be providing all your future Sonos needs F.O.C. ( they couldn't buy better adverts) 👍
I did wonder if he works for them.... :)
Point taken about what they are used for but if you cannot add new speakers to a pre-existing set-up because they will be incompatible because of software issues I rest my case and I don't care how long it has been between the software versions.
However, that's just me, it's the OP that's going to have the headache of possibly trying to sell his old speakers so that he can have a multiroom set-up utilising the new speaker.
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