Hey y'all!


Oct 23, 2019
Southern gal living in Northern CA for twenty years here.
I've been inspired and carried by music my entire life, and LOVE great sound in every corner of my house. I love having Alexa to holler at and appreciate how she responds. We live in a pretty awesome world.

I wish my family shared my love of audio, but alas, they do not.
Luckily, I have a lot of friends who are happy to share my tunes and movies.
I love to entertain my friends and provide all the audio-visual fun for our get-togethers. I'd rather host events at my house than travel anywhere.

I have a theater room that holds 16 people - I want to expand the offerings to include a high quality karaoke unit, because my friends will apparently sing along to everything they hear.

I am NOT a technophile, but I like to be surrounded by expertise.
Happy day,
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Welcome. Jealous - I watch a lot of films, and some of my favourites are from the SAN Francisco area of California. I hope to visit one day and take on the film locations - although, I’m doubting I’ll ever get round to that now.

I do find it odd that good quality audio isn’t something that permeates through families any more. My dad has (had) 5 brothers, and my mom has 4 sisters, but none of them, or as far as I know, any of their offspring, are into audio in the way that I am. It’s sad really, and almost incomprehensible to me, as everybody listens to music virtually every day of their lives in one way or another. Most people would rather have a £1,000 phone nowadays than a £1,000 hifi.


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