Help!! Problem setting up new hifi


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi, one of the speakers on my JVC hifi has stopped working. It's 20 years old and everything else works fine. I tried switching the speakers around and the speaker then worked in the other connection, but the other speaker that had worked now didn't work. So the problem is with the amplifier. It's a wire connection, whereby the two wires are secured by two clips, one black, one red. Is this an easy problem to rectify, or is it costly. Is it better to spend the money on a new amplifier and what do people recommend. My turntable and cd player are separates and work fine, so I'd need something compatible to connect them to. Many thanks, Rich. :)


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May 7, 2010
Hi Rich, yes sounds like a channel in the amp has stopped working, you could try taking it apart and doing some soldering otherwise the best bet is to get a new amp. The amp you have has lasted you well. Whats the model number? There are plenty of budget amps to be had up to about £350 with phono connections. Take a look at the reviews page.



thanks for the advice. Not sure if I have enough know-how to take the old hifi apart, so I'll have to look into buying a new one. The old amplifier is DR-E45L. The radio and tape deck is part of the amplifier so I'll have to buy those as separates. The cd is separate though, XL-E45. My turntable is Pioneer PL-201Z and is from 1985, but still works perfectly. Is it possible to buy an amplifier that will be compatible with my cd and turntable. Many thanks, Rich. :)


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