Help connecting stereo amp to ps3


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Sep 30, 2014
Hi folks,

I would like to be able to connect my ps3 to my stereo amplifier (Cambridge Audio Azur 651A) so that I can get game/youtube etc output through my speakers (Tannoy DC6Ts).

My PS3 is connected to my TV via HDMI.

Am I right in thinking that all I need to do is connect my PS3 to the amp via a component AV cable? I think one such cable may have been included with my PS3 originally but it's been misplaced, so I'll have to buy another one.

I don't have optical output on my amp, for what it's worth. I do have USB Audio on my amp, but understand that's only relevant if I wanted to connect the amp to my PC, rather than my ps3.

Thanks for any help!



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Jan 23, 2014
Can you not connect the optical output to back of the TV. I have done this with my PS4. I had a PS3 before and had it connect to PS3.
Jul 10, 2014
Yes, the AV multi-output cable will carry analogue audio: you can connect the red and white audio plugs to any spare line input (such as tape, tuner, aux) on your amp, and it'll work fine.

If you've lost the cable, you can pick up a new one for £5 or less on Amazon or similar sites, and this page of the PS3 manual will tell you how to set up the sound for analogue output.

You could use the optical digital output on the PS3 to feed audio out, but given that you haven't got a digital input on your amp you'll need a digital-to-analogue converter between PS3 and amp, for which you'd have to budget anything from about £15 upwards, plus a few quid for an optical cable and a bit more for analogue interconnects.

For your needs, the AV multi-output cable straight into your amp will be fine.


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