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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi AV gurus,

I have quite a large living room (6.6m x 6.6m) and need some help with suitable AV equipment & I’d appreciate any feedback with some ideas..

For the plasma TV I’ve shortlisted the Pioneer Kuro PDP-508XD. The actual distance from screen to viewer will be 5 metres so I don’t think the fact that the Kuro model isn’t Full HD 1080P should make much difference. Or given this distance, would I be better off looking at a larger Plasma ? My budget for the Plasma is around £2500 so don’t want to spend a lot more.

As Far as the receiver goes, I’m looking at the Onkyo NR905 and for speakers I’m thinking of the Dali Ikon 6 (5.1). The TV and AV kit will be to the left of the central fireplace, in a recess 0.7m deep by 3.1m wide. The main seating is 5m back and directly opposite this recess, so placement of rear speakers is a bit awkward. The only problem with the Dali Ikon’s I can see is that the rears are wall mountable, which isn’t going to work in my room. So unless these rears can be placed on stands, the other speakers I’m considering are :

B&W 684 Theatre
Monitor Audio RS6AV

However I’m not sure the Monitor Audio RS-FX Rear surrounds can be stand mounted or wall only?

Any other suggestions for suitable speaker and receiver combo ? Or does the Onkyo NR905 warrant a much costlier speaker package ? My budget for both is about £4k

For Dvd players, I’m waiting until there’s a decent choice of Blu Ray profile 1.1 products on the market, which should be soon, eg Panasonic DMP-BD30



Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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The PDP-508XD will be absolutely fine at that viewing distance.

Yes, the RS-FX speakers are designed to be wall-mounted, as are the on-walls in the Ikon 6 package, but there's nothing to stop you switching the Ikon on-walls for the Ikon 1s, which can be stand-mounted, or indeed the RS-FX speakers for the RS1s, which again are conventional standmount speakers.

The 684 system would also be good, and I think the TX-NR905 is more than up to the job, as the review in our new March issue, on sale this Thursday, will almost certainly (not letting too many cats out of bags) make clear.

But should you be aiming even higher with your speakers for this receiver? Let's put it this way: I run a TX-SR875 at home with PMC OB1s on the front channels, GB1s and DB1s on the rear L/R and backs, the CB6 centre speaker and the TLE1 subwoofer. The receiver is far from outclassed by what is around £7000-worth of speakers.

So if you were looking for an alternative, four PMC DB1is, the DB1M-Ci centre and the TLE sub would make a really nice package for use with the TX-NR905. Or indeed a pair of GB1is on the front left/right, with the rest of the system the same. But then we are talking £3615 for the smaller package, or £4120 for the one using the GB1is.

However, you could shave the price down a bit by losing the TLE1 subwoofer, which is £1650, and substituting a more conventional design such as the Monitor Audio RSW12 (£650) or even a couple of Velodyne Microvees, at £575 a pop.



many thanks for your advice. I'll definitely try to audition some PMC's.


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