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Nov 9, 2016
Sorry it's a bit cheeky to be posting this hello seeing I already have a query in the hifi section to which loads of people have responded with really useful advice. Bit of background, I'm 25 years old still living at home, yeah I know i'm lazy lol and I probably should get my own place but on your own can be a bit boring and after a few failed short term relationships I've decided I'm still waiting for the right girl to meet me.

I don't really have very many hobbies; I am not realy an outdoor type or much of an extrovert. I don't generally do forums much, but on the few I have previously been on I was always known as TerryWogansWig. Though never intended to be anything but a joke, it now seems a bit disrespectful to a deceased icon, hence I chose a slightly different (currently more topical) pseudonym for this website.




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