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Hello there!


Apr 27, 2021
Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum and to Hi-Fi hobby. I want to build a vinyl collection and adequate Hi-Fi setup. My favorit music is metal, rock, blues and folk
I only have my PC and powered speakers Edifier R1700BT and some vinyls I inherrited from my late father.

I can´t break whole bank right now, so I am considering two phases.

1st step (probably November 2021): Buy a turntable, budget around 600EUR: As I have powered speakers which I intend to use from the start I need something with build-in phono. From what I saw I like the Rega Planar 1 plus or Thorens TD201 (my local dealer offers it with 2M RED cartridge for 512EUR). I know that within my budget I can buy Planar 2 or Pro-ject debut carbon (or EVO) and again for the project there is possibility from dealer to have it premounted with 2M RED. But I would need to buy some phono preamp and that would mean more money and aditional box to have.

2nd step (maybe 2022-23): I would like to buy integrated amplifier and pair of speakers, I tought within budget of approx. 750EUR for each. Then I could turn the integrated phono of the turntable off and I could use phono of the amplifier / or use which of the two would be better.

What do you think about my plans? Is it absolute BS, or do I have any good idea? What turntable/amplifier/speakers would you recommend?


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Nov 27, 2015
Hello to you and welcome to the forum and hi-fi.
I think your plan to buy the best you can in stages, is a good one. Good idea to aim for separate amp and speakers too.
As you're new to hi-fi, I would just advise you to think carefully about your music source(s) before jumping in.
You've got some vinyl, but maybe have a look at the prices of new stuff before deciding.
It's an unfortunate fact that new vinyl has never been worse value than it currently is - when compared with CD (or even CD quality streaming).
I've got a Thorens TT with a Rega arm and a record collection, because when I bought it, vinyl was the only real option for best quality. That's no longer the case and if I was starting out new today, the cost of vinyl would steer me away from a vinyl source.
Make what decision you think is right for you and enjoy the music.
Whatever gear you consider, there are loads of owners and people with good advice on this forum.
(And they're always happy to spend other people's money ;) ).
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