HDMI cables - How are they tested?


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Aug 10, 2019
No doubt there were quite a few people reading the posting yesterday with yet another discussion about where a HDMI cable which is supposed to be digital make any difference ro picture and sound quality. These posting are always good fun to read, fun watching the same arguments of half researched science vs the those who say they've seen the difference.

Anyway I digress! This topic roused my interest and what I really wanted to know is how do What Hi-Fi review there HDMI cables? (Plus a couple of related questions)

Unlike most other cables, a HDMI cable carries a number of different signals. Video, 8 channel audio (compressed bitstream and uncompressed DSD), remote signal etc. With video I would imagine that What Hi-Fi put on a video source that would usually experience certain unwanted features such as chroma, jaggies or moire pattern and then use eyeball mk1 to spot differences. Do you rely on bigger screens to do this? Would it make a difference in a HD Ready 32in or 42in Plasma running a 1024x768 resolution?

When testing the audio do you rely souly on the quality of the uncompressed audio or do you test both?

So the long a short of it...

How do you test your HDMI cables?
When testing video do you test on big screens to notice difference?
If so does it make a difference on a non full HD or smaller screen where the picture is down scaled?
Do you test both bitstreamed audio or uncompressed?
If you do test both do you find that there is a quality difference in bitstreamed audio?



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Oct 13, 2008
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