Grado GW100x


Sep 28, 2023
Did they fix the annoying software from GW100, your review doesn't say. GW100 would beep every 20 seconds when it reached low battery rendering them unusable for enjoying audio, also if it connected to two devices and one went out of range - annoying beep.

GW100's microphone has no noise suppression so it captures everything from the room. Have they fixed that with this latest iteration?

I'm looking for a replacement because the metal band behind the leather wrapping has split on my GW100s, does the new version have a larger band or is it still a flimsy affair?

Lastly I found the GW100s bluetooth receiver struggle to stay connected in busy stations to my phone in my back pocket, too much interference. Is this resolved with the new version?

I feel you're unfair about no ANC - I use by GW100 on the reg, nobody cares on the tube and a diesel bus is too loud for anyone beyond the person sat next to you to hear. I feel self conscious with ANC, I can't hear and correct my own mastications I make when I'm deep in thought, or the road when I'm walking.


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