Fyne Speakers The Best Budget Speakers?


Jul 1, 2020
Can someone out there please help me with a problem I am currently experiencing:

My set up is currently a Rega Plannar 3 Turntable, A Rega Pre Amp, Roksan Kandy Amplifier and Roksan Kandy CD Player, Cura Speakers.

I decided to upgrade my speakers from Cura which I had for 18 years and decided to upgrade to Fyne F302's

When I hooked the speakers up it was quite obvoius to my ears the sound was very flat with very little treble which was infuriating when I playing my old Stax records.It was murky and nothing like I saw when I was decidinog on buying the speakers from watching You Tube videos of them in action

I'm sure theres nothing wrong with them but then that presents a problem is what's wrong

Can it be the Amplifier-both the Amp and CD player I bought 18 years ago with the Cura Speakers-also at that time I purchased some very thick speaker cable

A friend of mine told this is the sound you are going to get with bigger speakers but I just cannot accept whats coming out of both speakers-It is depressing me and I have gone back to my old speakers until I can get this sorted out.

I'm hoping someone on this Forum can give me some help

Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately you cannot tell much by watching things on YouTube especially how a speaker sounds.
I assume you didn't actually audition them.
Try running them for a good length of time as they may just need a running in period, possibly.
I haven't heard them but none of the reviews I have seen mention your symptoms with some even calling the treble 'bright'.
Which cartridge are you using, is it old?
Why the Rega phono preamp when Kandy has one built in? Or do you actually mean preamp I.e. the Kandy is a power amp?
Is the sound the same when playing CD s?
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Jul 2, 2020
How far away are they from the wall? The 302s have a bass port at the rear and should be a fair distance forward. As mentioned they'll need many hours of running in time. There are many other factors like ohms and sensitivity. They may just be a poor match for your amplifier.

A good friend of mine had some fairly old Cura's (not sure of exact model) with his vintage pionner TT & amp until 2-3 years ago. Very impressive sound all things considered, you may have to go up two or three price brackets to beat them.


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