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Feb 11, 2021
Sold both my Kef LS50 Meta Wireless and B&W Formation Duo's and Audio Hub so basically starting from scratch again.

Bought an Arcam SA20 and a Hegel H95. To be decided which one I keep.

After having used two (good) Class D active speakers it is refreshing to come back to Class A/B.

There is something 'organic' and coherent about it that was a little absent with both active speakers.

I initially planned to assemble a purely British made system but I missed the Hegel sound. I previously had the H90 and H120. The H90 (and 95) do 90% of the 120 and as much of my listening is at low volume I dropped for the cheaper H95 this time. Speakers to be decided yet, probably Tablette 10"s in one of its guises.

I am also (very) impressed with the SA20. I can't confirm that is running in pure Class A for the first few Watts as the manufacturer claims but it chucks a fair bit of heat out. Sounds lovely smooth, full and powerful. The last time I had Arcam was around 1995!

Current speakers used are my Quad 11 Classics which were boxed up for some time during my 'active phase'. To be changed soon. Music definitively sounds more enjoyable again on an emotional level.
I felt the same a few years ago. At the last place I worked, I was really getting into Class D amplifiers, for both movies and music, especially with certain speakers, but after starting my own business (which I had intended to offer mostly Class D), I found myself moving back more towards Class AB after experiencing the Hegel amplifiers.
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After having used two (good) Class D active speakers it is refreshing to come back to Class A/B.

There is something 'organic' and coherent

Funnily enough we're adding more Class D based amplification to our products as we recently took on Bel Canto Design. We recently had on a Denafrips GAIA > Ed Meitner - EMM Labs/Meitner Audio MA3 > Bel Canto REF500S > Monitor Audio Gold 5G 300's. The REF500S grabbed the 5G 300's by the scruff of the neck and helped produce a sound which was completely coherent, 'organic' and with great visceral impact :)
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If you are looking for British, then as well as ProAc it might be worth seeking out Harbeth and ATC. Both are British made with most components in-house too. ATC are more neutral (though both are monitor-influenced) whereas Harbeth may be a more relaxed listen. Harbeth are frequently demoed with Hegel so it’s a well tried combination.


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