From USA to UK with USA spec AV receiver and LCD flat screen please!


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Aug 10, 2019
OK, first of all sorry for the long title, so difficult to know how to head this problem in short, from now I will try to list the lack of knowledge and understanding I have with the hope some wonderful soul out there can clear them up.

Here goes:

- I am in the process of setting up my Home Theatre system here in the USA. I have already purchased an 80Gig PS3, and speaker set KEF 3005 SE. However I am yet to purchase the AV receiver and the LCD screen.

- We all know that electronics over here in the USA are a whole lot cheaper, yes? It's great if you live and stay here, but here begins the trouble. I wish to save money and buy the items over here and maybe one day I might move back to UK

- My first problem involves the obvious NTSC/PAL issue. Are USA Spec AV Receivers set up to decode and transmit the video signal only in NTSC? Lets say I bought a USA spec AV receiver and hooked it up to a UK bought LCD flat screen, I have a feeling that the picture would not be transmitted. Am I correct?

- I understand if I buy a USA AV receiver and USA LCD screen it will be a dedicated Screen to this PS3 system in the UK. I guess it will be unable to broadcast the UK channels if I were to try to hook it up to the digital broadcast decoders in the UK. Is this correct?

Ok, I think those are my main two queries, however if anyone forsees more issues that I have not mentioned or know about please do not hesitate to let me know. I am aware of the 110/240 volt mains current issue and plan to buy transformers and surge protectors to fix this issue.

(OK you audiophiles out there will hate that last bit and scream,

" Blasphemy!!"

" must have a pure electric feed!' I hear you cry! )

We all have to make sacrifices and comprimises....but I do agree!

Thank you -upfront- to anyone who takes the time to help on this.


The video issue may well catch you out as it is unlikely the US models will support 50Hz video. You need to check this carefully with the relevant suppliers' support offices in the USA.

Secondly be aware that US mains runs at 60Hz which means that the power transformer fitted to an AVR may well buzz and/or overheat on 50Hz mains, even if you use an autotransformer to step up from 120 to 230V. The screen will probably use a switch mode power supply and is more likely to be OK in this respect.

Thirdly you may well have to pay duty at 14% and VAT on top of this at 17.5% when you bring these to Europe.

Sorry to be so negative but you need to know these facts I think.

John Dawson (Arcam)



Thank you so much, these are facts that I do need to know and you have saved me a lot of money!! Much appreciated!