Focal Chorus 714s second hand for £150 or new Tannoy V4 for £250



not a very good one, a cambridge audio topaz, AM5 or something.. due an upgrade.

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Right, not familiar with that Cambridge. However, if it's anything like the Azur range it'll need a speaker with a controlled top end.

I'm a huge fan of Focal, having heard the JM Lab Focal 714S and the later 714V with my old Arcam system. They sounded fantastic. Regards the Tannoy, couldn't tell you about the newer range.

Personally (this would be my choice) I'd definitely go with Focal and change the amp - at some point - to a Nad, Arcam, Marantz, older Yamahas.

Sorry for being a bit vague.


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The Topaz AM5 amp is actually pretty decent for the price, only let down by that terrible volume control that renders it useless at low, late-night volume levels.

It all depends how much on an upgrade you intend to make to your amp, but I'd personally suggest the Tannoys would be more gregarious partners for a wide range of different integrateds. They are also likely to be more listenable on the end of your current amp.