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FM Switch off

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the record spot


I think people need to get on with it, accept change and be done with. The playback quality of music available has never been higher, in spite of the itunes generation, so a few luddites sweating over the loss of Radio 3 on FM within the next 10 years is not really a major concern IMO.

That's as may be, however, when the change which is being foisted upon them is an inferior one as it stands, then it's a poor alternative.

The European mainland has pretty much adopted a better DAB version than the one we have, plus, do you really see the millions of car users dumping their existing in-car radios in the short term? Unless there's a big shift starting now, tens of millions of units will need to be changed and we've sold precisely how many DAB radios in the last five years? The numbers or the timescale don't add up.

This has "quick-fix" stamped all over it, and I'll be amazed if this all goes in for 2015.