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fm or dab or ?

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keeper of the quays

bigboss said:
Neither. Internet.
thanks for that. Does this mean that internet radio is higher quality than dab? or the same?

plastic penguin

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Apr 28, 2008
keeper of the quays said:
bigboss said:
Neither. Internet.
thanks for that. Does this mean that internet radio is higher quality than dab? or the same?
Apparantly so. I've not heard internet radio but have DAB. It is good but some stations can sound tinny, whereas FM (and internet) is higher quality. The other drawback with DAB is, also, signal reliant like FM. However, FM/DAB tuners are a very good compromise.


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Jun 2, 2008
It sounds weird saying it now (after listening to BBC FM with hi-fi tuners/receivers and rooftop aerials since 1981 until late last year), but i'd advise to start out with internet radio nowadays.

The choice of domestic and international stations is mind boggling. (Tens of thousands assuming they are all active.) Obviously you have BBC iPlayer Radio for virtually all platforms and wired/wireless connection. This allows you to listen to virtually anything on BBC for up 6 weeks afterwards. (More in some cases.)

A backup to BBC radio (and a few other stations) through your system is Freeview radio if you have a television with optical or stereo RCA audio outputs near the hi-fi.

I'd say use FM if you already have a good, rooftop FM aerial installed and buy a decent FM tuner from ebay. (Excellent tuners from all brands and time periods available from about £20 upwards in my experience.) Okay if you only really listen to the same FM broadcasts every day and don't want to explore anything else or time-shift programmes for your own convenience.

I am now totally hooked on internet radio (especially and predominantly BBC), so listening to what I want, when I want and pausing programmes mid-stream is just natural to me now. (I can archive stuff unlikely to make it to BBC CD by setting a timed recording on my Humax recorder - for the Freeview Radio broadcast - then moving it onto a USB memory stick and de-muxing/importing to iTunes. It the old days it was a timed recording from the FM tuner onto VHS NICAM * via audio-only RCA input. (With no memory sticks or home computers!)

* Audio cassette recorders didn't allow for unattended timed recordings and were too short for many radio plays (which could be up to 2.5 hours in some cases), so VHS NICAM was perfect and had more-than-decent sound quality.