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Aug 10, 2019
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after a bad experience with the Pro-Ject Debut III Phono (http://whathifi.com/forums/p/7044/40643.aspx#40643), I've decided to go for another model/maker.

I'll thank you if anybody could save me some time and help suggesting an alternate turntable + phono stage in the entry level (or little above it).

Thanks in advance !!

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If you can find it, the Goldriong GR2 is available for around £175 from £265 online and in some retailers who stock it. Good in that it's based on the Rega brand decks, comes with either the Rega RB250 or RB300 (can't recall which) and has the superb Goldring 1012 GX - the cartridge alone is around the £100 mark, the RB250 about £120, so you get all that plus all the rest for a good price.

Other than that, check out the Rega P1, or P2.


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Sep 9, 2007
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the goldring is a very good deck but it's getting harder to find a cheap one.superfi used to stock them for £165.00.the regas are not what they used to be and the r1 is to be honest not all that and the 2 is not the bargain it once was,that's the problem with entry level at the moment they seem to be just that.the r3 is a very good deck but fitted with a cartridge comes in at just under £500.00 not exactly entry level.iv'e never liked project's that much apart from the rpm 4 which i believe is the 5 now.it seems that the project's ploy of offering a decent cartridge sways peoples opinion of these decks but i know of many people who have not been happy with the quality of said decks,then again saying that the regas have had there problems of late as well.to be honest i would go for a decent 2nd hand deck like a planner 2 or 3 from the late eighties or a sansui 222 mk v.a pioneer pl12d would also be nice,a good one can be picked up between £20.00 to £35.00.phono amp either the nad,cambridge 640p or the project.


Thanks for the answers!!

It looks like there is no easy answer to this and feel the amp may fall short if I go the high way.

Since my problems with the Pro-Ject Debut III seems will be fixed I think I'll keep to it.



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