Question Emotiva S8 / Denon-PMA600NE / Bluetooth Connection Quandary


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Jul 27, 2020
Total noob here. Bear with me. I'm just putting together an entry-level budget hifi system, but have only a basic understanding of how to connect everything. An I'm probably using all the wrong terms so, there's that :)

U-Turn Orbit Turntable
Denon DCD-600NE
Denon PMA-600NE
Emotiva - B1+ Bookshelf Speakers (ordered and on the way)
Emotiva - S8 Sub (ordered and on the way)

I already have the turntable/amp/cd player, but was in the market for my first set of bookshelf speakers. THIS Steve Guttenerg vid sold me on the B1+ with the PMA600NE and THIS video sold me on adding the sub (I listen to a ton of hip hop and funk and need some good bottom end!), in part because my amp doesn't have any sort of bass management and the S8 has a built in crossover that reviewers are raving about that I was hoping to use with all of my components.

So...the planned setup...

Turntable and CD Player connected to RCA switch, connected to line in on the sub, rca's from line out of the sub to the amp input, amp to speakers. Simple.


This Denon amp has Bluetooth that is also well reviewed and I (and my girlfriend in particular) listens via Bluetooth quite a bit too.


How can I take advantage of playing music via Bluetooth while also utilizing the sub's crossover?

I get that there are simple solutions...

1) By a Bluetooth Receiver and plug it in to the last open input on my RCA switch. My girlfriend will probably leave me if I spend another time though. :)
2)Just use the sub out on the amp and connect everything else normally. If it sounds fine, great. And I'm sure it won't sound terrible. I just super liked the idea of allowing the B1+'s to be free from trying to driver some of the lower frequencies.

Thanks in advance!



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