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Aug 10, 2019
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I have recently purchased a Samsung LE40M86 1080p screen and also have the Onkyo tx-sr605 paired with Acoustic Energy AEGO T 5.1 system. Im looking for a dvd player to make the most out of my system. I have a budget of £300 pounds i had in mind the players below but was wondering if it was worth waiting till next month for the Toshiba HD-EP35 its on Play for £268 with 7 free HD DVD's. Any help would be appreciated, im mainly interested in picture quality and i have a seperate system for cd playback so thats not important.

Samsung HDDVD870

Pioneer DV600AV

Denon 1740

Denon 1940

Toshiba HD-EP35

Do HD DVD players play SD DVD's to as good a quality as a standard DVD player?

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Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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Hi Wayne, and welcome on board....

Ah, if only I could get into my time machine and skip forward to November 15th, when our December issue will include:

- Exclusive test of the new Toshiba HD-EP35 HD DVD player (including how it compares to Sharp's new £400 Blu-ray player and the new stripped-down, £299 PlayStation 3).

- A Group test of £250-£300 upscaling DVD players, including the Denon 1940 and three others....

Re their playback of standard DVDs: the pricier HD players in the past couldn't match similarly priced DVD players for pure DVD performance, but I reckon all bets are off with this latest generation. The manufacturers are so desparate for us all to buy into Blu-ray or HD DVD that they're offering great-spec players for lower prices. Take the (standard) PS3 - clearly the best DVD player in its price class.

It's going to be very interesting when we test the Tosh vs the PS3 vs the Sharp - and throw in those standard DVD players as comparision... But we haven't done yet, so I can't tell you the outcome!


I also need help with a dvd dilemma. What is better a Arcam dv79 or a cambridge audio 540d v2?