May 5, 2023
I've noticed recently that TV Beds with built in 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos have appeared for sale from Dreams and Bensons For Beds in the UK. They both sell TV beds that appear to have the same speaker setups in them.

I would be interested in finding out how these built in systems perform and get some opinions. Something like this seems like a tidy fit for my awkwardly dimensioned bedroom.

Having visited Bensons for Beds and seen one of these, it seems to support E-ARC, which is very encouraging. I believe the speakers are made by Harman / Kardon too.

Both beds consist of a soundbar in the foot panel with upward firing speakers and 2 rears in the headboard.

As for the TV's, they seem compatible with any 43 inch VESA model. Dreams sell theirs with an LG C2 as an option.

There's been TV beds before, but they've always been pretty poor, with 4.1 virtual surround sound (e.g duplicated front and rear channel) at best.

Expect corners have been cut on the amplifier, processing, etc. Would be nice if it turned out to be good though. Would solve a few problems.

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