Do I need a 2nd Squeezebox touch for a second room?


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Oct 24, 2009
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I have recently moved my hi-fi into the bedroom, finding the Dynaudios more enjoyable in the smaller room as the lounge room is quite large and maybe was a bit much for them. Anyway, if I want to play music on the Home theatre Amp and speakers do I need a second squeezebox touch or is there another cheaper option? I play music off the computer. I am just not sure how it all works.


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Sep 29, 2011
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Your AV amp probably has a digitial input ... so if you are using the SBT analogue outputs to your hifi, then you could run a digital coaxial or optical cable from your bedroom to your lounge AV amp (is that feasible to do for a cable run of less than say 5 to 10m?) If you want wireless, you could buy a Squeezebox Duet receiver instead for the lounge? The Squezebox Receiver is quite cheap if you forego the optional Duet remote control. Or you could get a DAC for the computer and have that acting as one source and the SBT as another in different rooms. These are several options (I'm sure there are more such as wireless WiFi or Bluetooth streaming from the PC to a wireless receiver/DAC) which you can compare against the current price of a Squeezebox Touch which is about £200.