DIY Novice needs advice - Adding ceiling speakers


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Aug 10, 2019
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I want to install a device e.g. sonos or squeezebox into my bedroom. I have an electric point where a lamp used to be so I have the electric part sorted.

I need to find some ceiling speakers and presumably an amplifier to keep in the loft ( as the squeeze box doesn't contain an amp ).

Firstly any recommendations on half decent speakers and an amp for a room 10 by 15 foot.

Secondly how do I go about fitting the speakers, is it a simple job of buying a jig saw and drawing template on ceiling and then cutting. I've ventured into the loft and found some hard wood on the loft which is presumably above the ceiling. Do I simply cut all the way through up to the loft. Then presumably I need to feed the speaker wire back down to the media system.

I'm a real novice and would really like to give this a go myself rather than spending lots of money on getting it installed professionally.

Thanks in advance


I've recently put some B&W CCM65 in my kitchen. Really easy to fit, they come with the hole template and have fold out screw down 'lugs' for securing. Couldn't be simpler, cut a hole, hold the speakers up from below, screw all 4 lugs out, fit grilles. job done. routing the cable will be the hardest bit I reckon.

get Bass is a bit light but then they have no backs, constructing a box around them would help. The tweeters can be angled and theres a HF switch to boost/reduce treble. I'm going to get some more for the bathroom and my bedroom. £260 a pair.


Thanks whilst I can see putting the speakers in might not be so difficult I'm struggling to see how you route cable.

e.g. if you want the actual music device to be on the wall, then you need to get speaker wire behind the wall, up to the ceiling then around to the speaker. How on earth do you do that? I presume this is even harder if the floor isn't the top floor, i..e you have another floor above? I'd like to do this in my bathroom ( top floor ) and also kitchen ( lower floor )

I can't see any internet links on installing ceiling speakers which is odd.


It all depends on what sort of construction your house is, mine is all brick with wooden floorboards. Cavity external walls where cable can be run if required, a cupboard where you could drill a hole to the floor above, there's always a way, sometimes you have to be very creative.

Lift the floorboards above the kitchen to expose the plasterboard ceiling, thats what I did. Unfortunately you may have to chase the cable into the walls to a certain extent around the music source.



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