DIY AV rack design advice?


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Oct 17, 2010
So I'm looking to build a media unit/av rack, getting hold of the materials isn't a problem, will be designing the stand in CAD then getting the main profiles CNC routed as I have access to the equipment. Bits like the feet will just be bought off the shelf (no pun intended).

There seems to be a huge amount of difference in price between these things as usual with anything HiFi. Does anyone have any advice on the main principles/fundamentals of good AV rack design? I guess the main thing is to produce something fairly sturdy and provide good isolation of the individual pieces of equipment from each other and the floor but I'm wondering what the best ways are of achieving this?

Many thanks!


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Jan 7, 2009
I would think just make it sturdy, make it look good to your taste, make a provison for tidying up cables at the back and maybe even build in a multiplug power strip. Although TVs are not too heavy these days, some components can be e.g. a centre speaker can be 16kg, receivers can be heavy too.

I would not worry about vibration isolation - this will be achieved by default.

I would also try to build in some wheels - that would make it much easier to get access to the back for (re-)connections.

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Jul 28, 2010
Interesting topic.

I would try to avoid boxing in the centre speaker if possible.

Ensure there is planty of ventilation, especially to the amplifier.

Try and avoid materials which may resonate (chipboard) especially for AV design as the rack is also essentially a speaker stand.

I'm interested in what you come up with. I've thought of doing this myself too, as I tend to find that I don't really like the aesthetic design of most AV racks. Especially as my kit does not match.

Good luck


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Oct 17, 2010
Thanks for the responses so far, a lot of food for thought.

In the process of moving flat at the moment so this might get put on the back burner whilst I sort the other things which are supposedly more important than HiFi :roll:

Just knocked up a quick model of design number one in the last half hour based on a couple of designs I liked, very simple and held together by magic but it'll do as a starting point (should point out I'm not as designer/design engineer and it probably shows to some extent!):



I note the comment about not boxing in the center speaker so this design would be with it sat on top of the unit probably and the TV mounted above or maybe if I cut out the back. Not got very advanced yet with the first attempt!

Once I get one I'm happy with and start looking into materials etc. I'll work out how it should all fit together, a couple of nights spent on youtube for a crash course in basic joinery I think nearer the time!

This one is mainly a proof of concept, the concept being whether I can still remember how to use Autodesk Inventor..


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