DFX sound enhancement in PC based music


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have been using DFX sound enh. with Jriver MC for a while now.

Recently decided to go for a HiFi system- built around digital music. My main dilemma is whether or not getting the PC put of the picture.

1) playing the music on your pc and than outputting it to a DAC OR streaimg digital music to a streamer-player like Cambridge NP30 etc ? what are the benefits/shortfalls of these 2 alternatives against each other?

2) Is playing the file on your PC a more powerfull way (in terms of controll and processing) than playing it on NP30, Marantz N7004 like systems?


Assuming I have made the decision to stick to the PC as the main player; now have questions about bypassing the DFX in the loop- dont know all facts about it but I have an understanding that it manuplates the sound in a way that is not desired in real HiFi systems.

Can someone please answer the below questions for me:

1) If I play a lossless Flac in a decent media player like Jriver and output it to a DAC (and than to an amp); without any DFX involved in the playback- does it mean that I am listening to more pure music? Does DFX really enhance fidelity as it is mentioned to be its selling point?

2) Is involving DFX a "betrayal" to having a HiFi system/sound?


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I would imagine that whether you use a PC or a dedicted streamer comes down to how it fits in with your house than any real sonic differnces, especially as you are using a good music player software in th form of J River's MC. No idea what DFX is, but if you are going to do any sound processing, it's better to do it in the 64 bit OS environment, and then we are probably asking philosophical questions of faithfullness to the original recording versus adjusting tonal response to match your room deficiencies/system shortcomings / personal preference.


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