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Sep 4, 2022
Hi guys I’m new here so please take it easy with me ;). At the moment I have two sets of Devialet Golds in two separate rooms. However I’m finding as I listen to lot of funk, bass and dance oriented music at higher volumes they simply cannot handle the bass and it fades away drastically.

So for my living space I feel I need a better set of speakers and a subwoofer.

I stream most of my music via Tidal so with that in mind and a budget of about 6k can anyone suggest something to replace the Devialet speakers with something that can cope and will handle bass at higher volume.

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My living room is around 6m x 5.5m


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Nov 16, 2021
Humm you must be pushing them pretty hard for them to start pull the bass back to avoid damage. I demoed a pair of silvers back in the day bass and volume was not a problem and easily hand DJ shadows three Ralph and the 10hz tones mid track where audioable and loud.
The biggest weakness I found was the mid bass which was next to non existent so maybe just maybe that what’s you’re hearing?

Being completely honest you not going to find a set of traditional speakers that will have to same output as the phantoms, bass wise, in your 6k budget you’re going to have to factor in a subwoofer to get the bass your after.

I think I’d start my journey looking at a pair of kef ls50 wireless 2. With the matching subwoofer. This hand on heart would get you into a very different league of sound. Find a dealer and go for a listen I don’t think you’ll be unhappy.

Dynaudio have just release some new actives but I have no experience with them. There focus range of speakers though they’rea little over budget for the floor standers.

I think you need tamper you exceptions of how loud you can take your speakers they all have a point where they start to crumble. If you really like to push the volume you might want to look at a brand called ATC but they won’t satisfy your lust for bass not without a subwoofer and they will require an outboard pre amp/dac to control them the other options above are all in ones you need nothing more than than the speaker boxes.


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