Denon RCD-M38DAB Doesnt want to play CDs anymore


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Aug 10, 2019

Purchased a Denon RCD-M38DAB with Cambridge Audio S30 speakers a while ago and everything was fine, but over the past few months I have found that if I put on any CD (brand new, bought or carefully copied i.e. 1 to 1 speed on branded CDs) it works fine for the first few songs and then begins alot of crackling over the music, which gets worse and worse (over the space of a about 30 seconds) and then the CD stops. You have to take the CD out, switch the unit off and then go through the cycle again, before it starts working, but usually at somepoint during the first few songs it will always do the same thing.

Speakers are on a separate shelf to the receiver unit.

I am at a loss as to what it might be, thought it could be the CD mechanism but didnt think the sound matched up.

The rest of the unit is fine; Tuner, ipod/usb all work fine. But we have a lot of CDs that we would like to play and dont really want the hassle of ripping them to MP3. What baffled me most was that it behaved this way for brand new CDs.

Thought it made sense to record this happening, please see: starts occuring after 1:10, then the CD just stops.

Just wondered whether this is anything anyone had seen before, if not, then it looks like ill have to contact Richer Sounds and get it sent back to Denon for repair.

Thanks in advance



whoops, dropbox link had a space in it, use this one instead:


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Apr 11, 2011
chebby said:
If it's under warranty send it back for repair.
Even if it has 'run out of warranty' you are still protected under the Sales of Goods Act. The question you have to ask is - 'should the cd player last for more than a year under normal working conditions'? Of course the answer is yes so do not let the shop you bought it from try and tell you the warranty has run out.

Good luck.