denon dvd 1080 problem with samsung LCD tv


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have a denon 1930 DVD and samsung LE4M87BDX LCD TV which should work together to produce an upscaled picture to 1080i or p ., but don't. There is judder and loss of picture. I notice that a couple of other people have posted on this but no one seems to have sorted it out.

I have been in touch with Denon's technical people who are aware of the problem, but weren't very interested in it from their response - possibly hoping it will go away ! Samsung have been more helpful are also aware of the compatability issue and apparently have a denon DVD player on test. I assume it is a software issue. I will hopefully get an update in the next week from them but was wondering has any one else raised this with the two manufacturers, or had a newer model that doesn't have the problem.

I could just accept that 720 upscaling is what I am going to get, but both products were bought at a premium price to have this feature and I could have saved hundreds getting a lower spec. Partnered with other kit independently they produce excellent results at 1080.


Are you sure your actual HDMI lead is capable (as in, has a high enough bandwidth) of carrying a 1080p signal. Some HDMI cables aren't up to the job because they just don't have the bandwidth that is needed.


Yes - The lead is HDMI 1.3 standard and 1080p and i have tried another lead also. I took the player along to comet and they used my lead and DVD player with an identical Samsung TV it produced the same juddering at 1080p or i . When we plugged the same cable and denon DVD into a sharp full HD set it worked fine at 1080p/i. That wouls suggest the TV was at fault , but when we used a toshiba or philips DVD player on the samsung at 1080p they both worked fine. Conclusion the samsung and denon have a compatability issue. The one thing I did notice was the superior quality of the picture from the denon compared to the other players. The only niggle that it looked better still on the sharp TV at 1080p.


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