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Denon AVC-X6700H


Aug 28, 2020
The balance is more bass-heavy than in previous generations too, and some might want to dial a little of that out from time to time,
What does that mean? Are you saying the frequency response is boosted at the lower end or the high end has been suppressed? Is not the measured response flat?


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Jul 7, 2020
So, this is not really a serious review but just what the person who reviewed it "feels" then?
This shouldn´t sound any different than X6500H, maybe something have changed in the listening room or it was setup different way. PSU, DAC everything is same as in old model. What Hifi has claimed differences with lower Denon models too, but there haven´t been any changes in the components just few new features. Don´t take these reviews too seriously, they are written to sell these machines. :)

New Features

• 8K & HDMI 2.1 (1input & 2output)
• Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization
• VRR (variable refresh rate) support
• Main Zone HDMI/TV Audio distribution to zone 2 or HEOS speakers
• Quick/Smart Selects store all zone stereo settings
• Bluetooth transmission to headphones
• HDMI Custom Input Assign
• HDMI Input Auto Rename
• AirPlay Disable
• Roon Tested
• 13.2 processing
• DTS:X Pro
• Two settings can be saved for Audussey

@gel if you buy X6700H make sure it has the new capacitors, Denon used some lower ones during the Covid which they are now swapping to normal ones if one asks. If you are intrested in measured performance please see link below. This is a good machine! Yamaha is introducing Aventage range soon so keep eyes open.

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